Pregnant at 20!

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I’ve been blogging for some time now. I’ve been on Tumblr as my starting blog when I was in my first years of my college life. I then discovered Blogger too, which many of bloggers have been using. But these two blogs weren’t consistent because of my lack of dedication I think. :’(
                Until… I got pregnant and decided to rest from work to focus on my health as well as my baby’s growth. Having a lot of spare time makes me miss blogging. J Right now I’m starting this blog as my journal of being a woman, a wife, and a mom. :D I also plan to start posting some of my DIYs here as well as my fashion blog to food reviews and graphic design.  So yeah! Goodluck to me!

To complete this first blog post, let me share to you what it is to be pregnant. J At first well I really got nervous because I feel like my body can’t carry it. (You know, I’m skinny—as in.) As I feel my body change, I got worried for I do not know how to react to it at first. It’s kinda  WEIRD.. hehe. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s just natural or if something’s wrong, That’s why I always keep in touch with my OB.
Pregnant women should really really do prenatal check-ups to monitor their health. And always follow your OB too. J Well thanks to the internet too, because it gave me a lot of preferences about pregnancy and stuff. J From being skinny, I somehow gained weight and eventually got a little thicker! Lols. Because when you’re pregnant, the very first change you would notice is an increase on your appetite. (Well for some maybe morning sickness. But in my case I didn’t experience much vomiting.) You’ll always feel tired too, and nausea. Ugh* that’s why I left my work. I don’t feel I’m efficient anymore. Another is body aches. Especially during my second trimester, Gosh I experienced toothache—really really bad toothache. I suffered for like a month! Pregnant women can’t take just any meds, you should consult your OB first. And my mom says it’s just normal that you experience some body aches when you’re pregnant, it would just fade eventually…part of being a mom. Haha! Last on my list is mood swings. Should I need to elaborate on that? Hehe.  Thanks to my husband for being understanding whenever I’m having tantrums and other attitudes that’s not-so-good. J
It’s really much easier to adjust to such changes when you know there are people who’s supporting you. Aside from my tummy getting bigger and bigger, I had also broaden my thinking for I am not a teenager only thinking where to jam anymore. I am now a woman, a wife, and soon to be a mom. (Aw, such responsibility) Realizing I know this I’m a little worried but I have God with me and a responsible partner, plus a supportive family… I know I can do it! Aja!

That’s all for now sweeties! Hope you enjoyed reading my first post . More to come!

Much Love,
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