DIY EGG WHITE MASK: The Cheapest Face Mask Ever!

10:32:00 PM

I have read this article originally on Twitter by @TheAcneSite about this “Egg White Face Mask” that gets rid of blackheads. So to my curiosity, I tried it.. since I only need an egg white! And to tell you guys, the result was really amazing! My blackheads were gone and my face softened too! With just an egg white, it’s a must try! So I wouldn’t make any further kwento. Let’s do it! J

Here’s what you need:

An egg white (Slightly beaten)

A tissue

Brush (mine’s an old eye shadow brush)


Cut your tissue paper first into small squares so you could stick it easily into your face.  Now dip your brush into the egg and gently apply a generous amount into your face and neck. Stick your first layer of tissue as you go around your face, avoiding your eyes and nose holes.
Then brush another egg white above your first layer and top with tissue to finish your mask. Let it dry. Mine took about 15mins. to completely dry. You’ll feel your face get tighter, it’s a bit hard to move your head or your neck. Hehe :P Carefully remove the mask. Your mask should look like this.

Wash your face and moisturize. And see for yourself! Softer, clearer skin! :D

Hope this post helped you somehow!

Much Love,

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