11:47:00 PM
Bpi-Globe BanKo or “Bossing Savings” as they call it in Eat Bulaga is a micro-savings account for the “common people”. I first found out about it on the said TV Show and caught my curiosity. So I googled it, and I eventually liked its features. Imagine having your savings account on your mobile! Plus a very low minimum deposit (or “cash in” in their term), minimum deposit for as low as 50 pesos and absolutely NO maintaining balance! Grabe diba? Lols.

Google said you can open your account at either PrimeAsia Pawnshop or Tambunting. Since there’s no Tambunting on our place, I inquired at PrimeAsia Pawnshop. My first attempt was sad because it wasn’t available as of that moment because of some error on their system I think. L I waited, waited, waited patiently until their operation is ready for transaction. :D Yehey!

I prepared my requirements and submitted them, waited for my simcard to be registered, gave my 100 peso bill for my initial deposit and shoot! I got my account. It’s that easy breezy guys! =))))))

Suits every Juan! Hehehehe. For a detailed information on opening a new account on BPI-Globe BanKo, please see this. (Google opening new account & link) Or you may visit their Facebook page for further questions. They’re very nice guys, they answer queries immediately. J

Happy Savings!

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