Birthday Wishlist

7:17:00 PM
I was once an impulsive buyer, but not until I became a mother. I want to provide the best for my daughter even if that means giving up my luxuries. (Yes, its hard xD) I don’t wanna waste money on things I don’t really need anymore. So, every time I want something, I think not just thrice but ten times (literally!) before I actually buy it. I’ve been eye-ing on these stuff lately and hopefully I get at least any of these on my birthday! Hehe.

Stripes Leggings. Stripes are everywhere and I’m a leggings girl because it’s more comfortable than jeans. It’s just that I can’t find time to go out and find it on malls.

Casio Digital Watch. This one is so adorbs but quite expensive. I’ve been trying to forget about this but it’s stucked on my mind and appears in my dreams every night! Lols.

EOS Lip Balm.  Saw this on Miley’s new track. 95% organic (please correct me if I’m wrong), plus a cute packaging. Cute packaging really attracts me. J

Sandals. I rarely wear sandals before but not until I became a mom. (A lot changed really, when I became a mom. Ahh, mum-life!) I want to wear the most comfortable clothes as possible when I go out with Aya.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.  They say that this one’s all organic. And it’s not hard to find unlike the EOS Lip Balm. Like I said earlier, I wanna be comfortable when going out with Aya—meaning no make-up if possible. I really wanna try this if it’s really moisturizing, my dry lips would love this! :D

Baby Walker.  Obviously not for me. My princess is now 7 months old and a few more weeks, she’s gonna learn how to walk and this would be a big help both me and her.

Jubi x 

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