Exploring Antipolo: Cake Draft Cafe

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Remember my first post about exploring Antipolo? Well, here's another place you might wanna drop by when you're in Antipolo. 

 We we're looking for a new place to visit that time--somewhere that is not crowded, offers yummy food yet friendly on our pockets! I saw this Cake Draft Cafe upon alighting the tricycle just before Antipolo Simbahan if you're coming from Pinto .Just from the logo itself, from outside, this place seems to be quirky and chill place to eat.  Cake Draft is located at the second floor of the HBC Building and Red Ribbon, just across 7Eleven. But you can check their menu from down there, they have posted a list of their menu downstairs which we find cool because you won't have to waste your steps going up just in case you didn't feel like eating the foods on their menu. :)
 You will be welcomed with their friendly staff, and their warm ambiance. I'm a sucker for artsy things, that's why I quickly loved their place! The menu board, the wall decals, the quotes--guys this place is just lovely!
Price range of their coffee: Php80-140, Frappe: Php115-145, Cake Slice: Php95-110 Whole Cakes: Php900-950 Pasta:Php140-150 Rice Bowls: Php100-140  They also have paninis, monster shakes, cheesecake, fries, chicken pops and many more!

What We Ordered: 

 Red Velvet Slice: Php95, Hot Flavored Cafe Latte in Almond: Php130(Large), Caramel Machiatto: Php125 (Large), Carbonara: Php140, Quisadillas: Php135

It was my first time try quesadillas and I have no idea of how should it taste, but this one tastes okay. Although it didn't "wow" my palate, it's heavy on the stomach and I think it's good enough for the price.

Creamy Carbonara! You must try this! :)

A slice of heavenly cake always goes well with a coffee! This slice seems small but we hardly finished it. We we're both so full, we ordered so many food! Given that my friend San is not as matakaw as I am, I think I ate most of the cake! :P 

 Isn't that insta-worthy wall? :) There is also a bike inside the store, we didn't get the chance to take pictures, there were people dining beside it and we don't wanna disturb them. And by the way, the have a seating outside, you can opt to sit there if you smoke or vape or if you just don't like the aircon! :) I believe they have heart shaped stuff there which was supposed to be love locks wall.  

If I were to rate this cafe, it would be 8/10 . Nine if they had faster wifi, and ten if I they had comfier chairs. :) I don't I just love soft seating when having coffee. `

Visit them!
#4 P. Oliveros St. Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City (2nd floor Of Red Ribbon and HBC Building and across 7Eleven)
Store Hours:
Mon-Fri (10:00am-10:00pm)
Sat-Sun (9:00am-11:00pm)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CakeDraftProjectCafe/
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