Exploring Antipolo: Pinto Art Museum

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 Last Sunday, I finally ticked Pinto Art Museum off my bucket list! Hooray for that people! :D  We we're supposed to climb Mt. Arayat but the hike was cancelled due to bad weather. I already filed a leave at work so I insisted on going somewhere if we're not going to climb.

Of course, the girl who's always on the go is my friend Sanverlyn. Haha! She has plans on exploring every streets of Antipolo too so yeah, even the rain didn't stop us!

The place is crowded with visitors on weekends even though it was raining that time. I suggest you go there on weekdays if you want to enjoy more. Photo ops are best enjoyed with less audience and no photobombers right? :)  

The first stair upon entering the museum is always occupied, my friend took this photo very quickly while one of the visitor just finished taking photos. We didn't bother to add to the line as well.

the Cathedral

As far as I remembered, they got like six galleries of different artworks and genres. Six galleries of different moods, meanings and emotions. Your eyes will feast on beauty, happiness, despair and pain on each of the artists' masterpieces. So ready your hearts and hugots! :P
If you want instagrammable photos, this is the place! If you want serenity, this place can be too. Just go there during off-peak days like on weekdays. 

And if you ever get tired of wandering on the 1.3-hectare picturesque land, you can dine at Pinto Cafe. I heard they serve good food but a bit pricey, we are not a fan of fancy pricey menu that's why we didn't eat there. :) We went there with a full stomach, full enough to explore the whole museum! We ate outside at some cozy cafe which will be posted next on the blog so be sure to keep posted. 

Every corner is just so interesting, can't stop the clicking on our cameras!

The Museum of the Indigenous Art
Our last stop was the Museum of the Indigenous Art which was located at the Lower Garden near the pool. This was my favorite; (1)not so crowded because it's sort of hidden, (2)indigenous art is my cup of tea, and (3)this is the spot dedicated for my idol Apo Whang Od. Her said to be grandson is even doing traditional tattoo here. I actually looked forward to having a batok on that day, too bad he's not around. I guess I'm gonna have to wait for my trip to Kalinga and have my batok done by Apo Whang Od herself. :) 

For a day I forgot all the troubles that worry me. I have a feeling this is just a few more travels away and I'm completely gonna heal soon! :) Well anyway, here's some important things you wanna know if you're planning to visit Pinto Art Museum soon!

Location and How to Get There:

Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS. Take a jeepney with a signages Antipolo or Tanay tell them to drop you at Ynares Center Antipolo. From Ynares Center take a tricycle going inside the subdivision, tell the driver you're going to Pinto. 


Jeepney from Valleygolf to Ynares Center  - Php12
Tricycle to Pinto Art Museum - Php40 x2 (back & forth) / 2
Entrance Fee - Php200

Total: Php252

Go visit Pinto soon guys! :)

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