Mt. Tagapo Itinerary & Expenses

6:27:00 PM
'Pag biglaan, natutuloy!
True that! Right? Well this one's an example of it. My feet have been itching to go to the mountains because of all the stress I've been dealing with. I convinced my friends Sanverlyn, Jean and Marian to go hiking. No prepared itineraries or what, we just went! And that what makes it exciting!

As usual, Sanverlyn knows every route! She's been here several times so, cool! From Tikling,we took a jeepney with Binangonan signage on it and alight at the "Pretille", not even sure of the spelling, all I know is that it's what Sanverlyn call it--their port in short. 

After an hour of windy boat ride, we arrived at this isolated Talim Island specifically in Brgy. Janosa where Mt. Tagapo is located. Just a few blocks from the port you'll the see Tagapo Base Camp, you won't get lost swear. 

Important Information:
We started trekking at around 9:30 AM, the sun was bright irony to the forecast few days ago which was mainly the reason why we never had plans on hiking. Good thing the sun finally shown up!

Here's a tip: Wear arm warmers or long sleeves, leggings, face mask, cap or balabal--everything that can get you covered!

This is a chill climb, the trail when you're halfway there is mostly covered with tall grasses which may cause itching though. You'll be exposed to the sun too and you don't wanna be baked right? :)

The ascent took us two hours, with lots of pauses and picture taking at the trail. Hiking isn't a race guys so take your time, catch your breathe and admire the beauty of where you're at. For us it's the essence of hiking. 

Atop the Mt. Tagapo you'll see the buildings from the metro, the nearing Mt. Makiling, Mt. Arayat, Mt. Sembrano, the fish ponds of the residents, the houses,the whole Laguna Lake I think! :) Sobrang laki pala niya for a lake!

It can be very hot specially in the afternoon though, and walang silong dun so baba na lang kayo kagad pagkatapos niyo kumuha ng pang-post sa Instagram! :P

The descent was a lot more easier and faster. We arrived back at the camp site at around 1PM. We were so hungry by then, we were already asking kuya guide about food at the trail. Food is available at the camp site, I was curious though, there wasn't any fish dish that time. Well anyway, the boat trip is every 45 mins you should take note of that. I believe the last trip is at 4:00PM, I'm not sure guys, that's just what I heard.

We we're back at Binangonan Port by 5PM, we then did a sidetrip to Binangonan Church. We were not able to go inside so we just prayed outside. 

Here's our itinerary:

6:30 - 7:00 AM     Breakfast KFC Tikling, Rode a Jeep to Binangonan
7:20 AM                Arrival at Binangonan Port
8:10 - 9:00 AM     Boat ride to Brgy. Janosa, Arrival at Base Camp
9:00 - 9:20 AM     Register, get a guide, start trek
11:00 - 11:30AM  Summit, Photo Ops
11:30 - 12:00 NN  Start Descent
1:30 - 2:40 PM      Back at Base Camp, Eat, Tidy Up
2:45 PM                Boat ride back to Port
5:05 PM                Back At Binangonan Port

Here's our travel video:

We then took a jeepney going to Balaw-Balaw Restaurant in Angono where we had dinner. This will be discussed on my next post guys! Stay connected! :)

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