Exploring Cavite: Maragondon's Historical Places + Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm

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As our itchy feet continues to wander, it led us to the town of Cavite this time. As planned, it would be a twin hike to Mts. Buntis(280MASL) and Nagpatong(100MASL) (funny names, I know!). We were aiming for less traveled mountains as to support the campaign of Pinoy Mountaineer which is to "Spread the Impact" by visiting less traveled mountains but with no less beautiful view.

The original plan was to visit Cavite de Boracay first and the Marine Base Camp nearby. We alighted a bus at Ternate but the tricycle drivers were overpricing and charging us Php1,200 for the trip. Plus, we learned that Cavite de Boracay was closed that time. We didn't take the bait, instead we went straight to Maragondon to start the hike.
Funny Story: Upon arriving at Maragondon, tricycle drivers were asking us of where we're headed. We we're disappointed about those guys at Ternate that we kind of hesitant to ask around thinking that we might be taken advantage of again. We were calling our contact guide but can't reach him. As we were walking towards the church where we were supposed to meet, two guys approached us and we instantly cut them that we already have contact and we were just about to meet him. Apparently, those we were the guides that we were about to meet! :P It went like this:

Guide: Ma'am, saan po kayo? Mt. Buntis po?
Marian: Ay may kausap na po kami kuya.
Guide: Ako ho yata iyong kausap niyo eh!

Epic guys! :))) We ended up laughing so hard! Kuya Jimmy, who was our contact can't make it that day hence, the other guide who was with him. We then headed to jumpoff point at their Brgy. Hall, had breakfast a la Pinagsanhan-a and started the trek.
The beautiful Hanging Bridge you have to cross going to Brgy. Pinagsanhan-a 
Another bamboo bridge, only a little shorter and lower this time. :)
This mountain is perfect for beginners who wants to experience beautiful landscapes, fresh air and that "probinsya vibe". Guys, this place won't disappoint you!
You will have to cross rivers like this. It can go deeper when its rainy season  which will make the hike even more exciting! Also, be ready to encounter lots for carabaos along the way carrying bamboos or logs down the mountain. 
After two hours of trek, this view will be waiting for you! 

Here's the best part: We had the summit to ourselves! Imagine guys, the feeling of having the mountain to yourselves. There are benches at the summit you can have your lunch there you take a nap if you want. The view guys, its too beautiful! I never expected much at first, but it amazed me. This will be included in my favorite mountains!
Another mountain with my best bud over here! :) Aguinaldo Shrine was closed that day, no one was in there. Our guides said its okay to break in! :P See that tiny space at the bottom? That's where we passed thru. 
Sad to know though, that no one is there to guard or maintain the place. Oh btw, look at that cat who posed with us for a photo! :D

Maragondon Church
Last stop at Maragondon was Bonifacio's Trial Court Museum where you can learn more of his heroism. Entrance is FREE so make sure to add this to your list!

Next on our itinerary was Gourmet Coffee Farm but we learned that we need to make reservations first before visiting. They don't accept day tour, said the lady that I talked to. We searched for other farms we can visit , thanks to Google we found this Ilog Maria Bee Farm which sounds interesting. We called in advance if we can still drop by and luckily it's open until 5:30 PM so we hurriedly took a jeepney going to Silang and asked the driver to drop us at Ilog Maria Bee Farm.
We were welcomed with arrays of soaps, shampoos, and other skincare products.They also have unfermented honey, bee pollen as supplements, facial and body scrubs, insect repellants, body massage oils, lip balms and many more! It is a haven for skincare and health enthusiasts! We saw lots of foreigners (majority are Koreans) who really make time to visit the place considering that the place is far from the hi-way. So imagine how great their products are! I mentioned foreigners so you might be thinking, "Yeah, what about the price?" Those soaps above are only P70 pesos if I remembered it right, there are soaps ranging from P37 to P50 so you don't need to worry about your budget. Most of the prices are ranging from P100 - P500 only.
We were taking pictures at these Bagras Rainbow Eucalyptus trees for ig and then I learned few days after the trip that these trees are very rare and our country is lucky to grow these kind of trees. What's distinctive about this tree is its multi-hued bark which resembles the color of a rainbow. 

Here's our travel video:

All giddy to visit the place too? Here's our itinerary and expenses:


0600 Take bus going to Ternate(or Maragondon since our orig plan was to visit Cavite de Boracay                first) 
0740 ETA at Maragondon Municipal Hall, meet our Guide, Register at Brgy. Hall and have breakfast
0800 Start Trek
0920 Arrival at Dungawan/Summit
0950 Start Descent
1021 Arrival at Balon (Water Source)
1100 ETA to Jumpoff Point, Take a Tricycle to Mt. Nagpatong/Bonifacio Shrine
1200 Head back to Town, drop by at Maragondon Church, Eat Lunch at Palengke
1330 Take a tricycle to Bonifacio Trial Court
1345 Depart Maragondon, Take a Jeepney going to Indang
1400 Take a Jeepney going to Olivarez
1500 ETA at Tagaytay, take a Jeepney with Silang sign tell the driver to drop you at Ilog Maria
1545 Alight Jeepney and walk towards Ilog Maria's compound, better if you have a car its quite far
1620 Arrival at Ilog Maria Bee Farm, you can ask for a tour, its not available that time though
1700 Depart Ilog Maria
1730 Take a bus back to Manila (Pasay sign board)

Bus to Ternate(in our case) P81
Guide Fee P400 (divided by 4 = P100/pax)
Breakfast (Mami) P25
Registration Fee P20
Tricycle to Mt. Nagpatong P100/pax
Lunch P50/pax
Bonifacio Trial Court Museum FREE
Tricycle to Naic Jeep Terminal P7.50/pax
Jeepney to Indang P40/pax
Jeepney to Tagaytay P30/pax
Jeepney to Ilog Maria P13
Ilog Maria Entrance FREE
Goods bought at Ilog Maria P400
Bus to Pasay P70
TOTAL: P936.50

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