10:24:00 PM
Howdy! You know I’m so into DIYs lately. And since Aya has came out I’ve been itching to gain energy and get my hands on my planned projects. But of course, my baby Aya needs me that’s why this post took a little time to be done. :P Enough of my blah blah and now to my cropped tee…

Tah dah! I so love the print on this tee that I have to buy it even it’s kinda loose. After wearing it for like twice, I dumped it feeling sorry that it won’t fit me. Until I saw a DIY cropped tee on pinterest and blink* (insert light bulb here) okay I’ll try this on my tee. J

the inspiration

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With a little wish wash of my scissors, my cropped tee is done in like 10 minutes! :D
I feel so proud of this! Meheehehe. I love DIYs so much. Looking forward to more DIYs sweeties! J

Much love,

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