The Comeback!

10:40:00 PM
Guess what? I can wear fitted shirts now. :P Many says my body’s better now, I’m not so skinny anymore. Well, Thanks to that.

Hype on lookbook

What I’m wearing: Beanie and watch from my Mom
Thrifted Sunnies
DIYed Muscle tee
DIYed Dip-dyed shorts
Studded Shoes from Gaisano Dept. Store

Do you agree? Cause I myself has noticed, comparing my old pictures to recent! But I can’t be so happy because gaining weight means I can’t wear my old clothes now. L And I don’t have the money to buy such clothes. So I invaded my mother’s closet in quest for some clothes that I can wear. Luckily, I found two and an old-fashiooned denim pants. lols I had no shorts so I eventually knew what to do on this. J

Firstly, let me apologize for not providing photos on this. Oh damn* So I cut it  2 inches above the knee part. (Into a V-shape like to make it more edgy). I then frayed it, I suggest you use tweezers to pull the seams :P
Lastly, the ombre part! I dipped the half part starting at the bottom, on a pale filled with water and bleach. I forgot my measurement, though. I just poured a hundred ml of bleach into a pale and added water just enough to reach the half part of the shorts. Let it stand for like 30 minutes checking the bleaching process sometime. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly to stop the bleaching. And voila! Dip-dyed shorts for less. :D

Much love,

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