September Thriftfinds

1:26:00 AM
Thrift-shopping. Yes that's the word. I always love to go thrift shopping and I love it when I found dainty stuffs for just a few bucks. I feel like a pro when it comes to thrift shopping! I'm sharing this month's thrift finds. And I'm planning to do this every month... hopefully. :)
Crop top, Paris notepad, Mini Diary, Arm Candies, HK case for le flare
 Bought this babies at a Sampu Sampu store! I use the Paris notepad to track our financial use and the mini diary for my stuffs. I also saw these armcandies which are irresistible! One is an earth color and the other is something opposite to match my ootds.

Hello kitty case for le flare! Yippie! Happy kid here! I so love this <3 Got this for like Php150? Not bad.   

Okay, crop tops are so in now. And with that demand, it's so hard to find cheap ones. Bought this skull crop top at a tiangge near us for only 80 bucks! Lucky duck! :P

And lastly, today, this peplum top caught my eye. And for 50 bucks?! Come on, buy that top! :))) I never knew peplum tops would look good on me. Hehehe. It's geometric print is what I love the most.
Hopefully, the coming months would be another lucky month for my thrift shopping hobby!

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