Department Store Thriftfinds

6:20:00 AM
I have a story: Bumili ako ng envelopes sa NBS (National Bookstore), tapos sabi ko I'll check nga saglit sa Dept. Store kung may magandang sneakers. Tapos wala, how about Maybelline BB Stick? Okay wala din. :( I sadly turned towards the  exit then I spotted this and that. So yeah, that's how impulsive I am. But you know, at one point I just can't let the chance pass kasi these stuffs are such  cheap finds. :)

IWhite Korea Whitening Pack Peel off Mask - I'm too lazy to do my DIY Egg White Mask so I bought this peel off mask. I'll make a review on this and its nose pack soon. :) This is 22.00 Php so affordable!

Hair Brush - 40.00 Php Just the right size to fill in my makeup pouch. :)

Braided Belt - 59.00 Php something, I forgot sorry.  This is so boho. :) I super love it. I've been looking for a belt like this for so long.

Kitty Earrings - I'm a kitty/Hello Kitty fan. Hehe This is such a bargain, I just can't go out of the store without picking one! Many like it when they saw this.

When I got home, my husband said he would never let me go out alone again whenever we had a little arguments. Because this is what happens. :P lol. Then okay na ko because I was so happy of what I purchased!

Bye for now, thanks for dropping by and Happy Holidays!
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