Mercury Drug 2014 Planner

12:52:00 AM

I've been planning to buy a BDJ Power Planner but I did not purchase one, I don't know why. :( Then I saw this Suki DayBook on Mercury Drug which costs 30 suki points or 200.00 Php, used my suki points to get this.

Honestly, I never owned a planner ever! That's why I got so eager on opening it. <3 It's a hard bound book in red with a magnetic lock. Though it may not be be as cool as the BDJ Planner that I wanted, I like the fact that it has basic first aid tips.

It has trivias on common illnesses, very useful right? I guess this is not too bad for a first time planner use like me. :)

And hey! More discount coupons inside. Almost forgot to tell you it also comes with a poster calendar with discount coupons too at the bottom. So generous of Mercury Drug eh! :D

How about you guys? What planner are you gonna use next year? I'd love to hear from you!
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