iWhite Korea Nosepack (Review)

11:06:00 PM
First things first, I'm no pro at beauty products review nor a beauty expert. I just want to somehow help you guys decide on buying this nose pack by sharing my experience.

I am not paid by anybody, I bought iWhite Korea's nose pack with my own money and used it at my own risk! :) Okay, here we go!

I'm a sucker for dainty packaging and presentations. That what made me buy this, it's very unique and creative. :) I've read great reviews about iWhite Korea's facial wash and moisturizers so I guess this is a must try product.

Its texture is more like of an Elmer's Glue. It was my first time that's why I messed up with it. Hence, I didn't have photos of its texture or consistency. :P It's thick, heavy cream and kinda sticky. It's 3.5 ml but we were able to use it to three persons. Or you can you use it thrice, just make sure you seal it tightly.

How to apply: Simply follow the instructions at the back. You apply a generous amount of the cream into your nose and around it. Let it stand for 15 minutes or until it sets. Then peel upward.

Viola! Goodbye blackhead and whiteheads! Clean nose. :) Have you used this product too? I'd love to hear your opinions too!
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