Chillin' Uphill

4:26:00 AM
Hello thereeeeeee! What's up guys? I missed blogging, a lot. :(((( If might not know, my daughter (yes, I'm a mom, I look like 16 though :P) is turning one this Sunday and that's the reason why I'm MIA lately. But because I really love this blog, I pushed this through! :D

Last Sunday, my family went uphill in Antipolo to visit some realtives and you know, invite them over on Sunday for the party. Lately everyone's been posting their sweater weather ootds because really it is a sweater weather! Boy its too cold naman talaga. But I don't feel like wearing a sweater at that moment. I wanted something that could cover me up yet not too heavy. So I wore an over sized plaid polo instead.

H&M Plaid Polo | Artwork Basic Tee | Thrifted Jeggings | Tomato Watch | Thrifted Camou flats

I'm not a pro at outfit posts but I'm trying. So please bare with me. :) Plaids are so in right now, cause maybe besides of its playful print, its very versatile. You can use it as cardigan for oversized plaids, or as button down if its a little fitted, or you can simply tie it on your waist for that instant hipster vibe! Lol.

Excuse the face :P

OOTD with my baby!

She's so makulit, gusto sumali :D Up to now, sometimes I still can't believe she's turning one already! Parang kailan lang nasa tiyan ko lang siya, then she learned to babble, to crawl, to laugh, to walk. Woah! Baby don't grow too fast please! :) 

Thanks for reading loves! I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
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