First Sample Room Haul

12:33:00 AM
Sample Room is an online community which gives free samples of new products today so consumers like me can test it first before actually buying the product. Yes! Sample Room is that amazing guys! I know you're eager now on joining but let me tell you first about my first haul. :)

They recently released Belo Products and I immediately grabbed samples. Lucky me because this Belo samples ran out of stock so fast! Here's what I got:

Belo Essentials Acne Pro Gel Facial Wash
Belo Essentials Intensive Whitening Bar
Hygienix anti-bacterial Hand Spray

The samples I got comes in full sizes too! Yay! :) I'm loving the Belo Intesive Whitenig Bar or the #Belokojic so far! It's doing a great job on whitening my skin specially those stubborn dark spots! Will post a review post anyway, so stay tuned!

And as promised, I'll give you the links on how to reach them. :) Happy Sampling!
Here are the links:

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