Quick Post: What's in my Kikay Kit

11:06:00 PM

Hi! Hello! :) It's been awhile, I know. If you guys thought I'm not into blogging anymore, you're wrong. I'm just too busy being a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur. I have no time to open my laptop anymore :'( But I really missed blogging, honest! Hehe. I always sentiment on twitter how I missed my little space. And so, I pushed this quick post!

Okay, I don't have the prettiest makeup or lippies on my kit nor the most expensive mascaras and palettes. Mine the poorest, lol. I posted this to seek advice from you guys of what to add to my kit. That's the real purpose of this entry. :)

From left to right: Johnson's Baby Powder: This is too "high-school-er" but you know, this is the lightest that I can get. I don't like heavy foundations on my face and I can't seem to find the right pressed powder for me too. I find them still "heavy" that's why I still use baby powder though its still a hassle to apply especially when I'm out. I hope you can suggest something for me to use girls!

Johnson's Baby Cologne in Slide!: My cologne and my baby's too! Haha tipid guys :) I used to use Aficionado F60 but I don't go out too often nowadays so when my last bottle ran out, I didn't buy a new one because I felt its not that a "necessity" to me anymore. I'm good with my lotion's scent already when I'm just home.

Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream: Skincare stuff but it's here because---I don't know actually/ :P This cream so far, worked for me. I focus on skincare that makeup because as I've said above, I don't like heavy foundations on my face so I try my best to have a makeup-free face.

Hygienix Hand Sanitizer: My new-found love! It's like a sanitizer and a cologne in one! Haha Super bango niya and its long lasting, very convenient too because of its aerosol spray. Nothing to worry about spilling drops on your stuffs. I got this from Sample Room by the way. You can check my post about my haul here.

Great Lash Mascara: Just a cheap ass mascara I got from a Dept. Store. Bought this way back when I'm not really into make-ups pa. You know when you just buy products that you actually don't research or care at all just for the sake that you have something to use. I didn't know that fake makeups can damage your skin, I'm so noob! :( I'm not using this anymore but its still here---I need to revamp my kit! i'm planning to buy a Maybelline Mascara, what do you think about that? :)

Ever Bilena HD Eye Pencil: One of the most affordable makeup products that I use since college. :))) Need I say more?

Popshop Lipstick: My mom gave this to me. It's shade is pinkish-red, I think its from Tupperware not really sure though. :) I'm currently digging for nude lippies! So if you have some suggestions please---I'd love to hear them!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Mint:  Another fave!!! The saver of my lips; prevents chapped, dry lips! I use this everyday thus it's about to run out already. I'm surely gonna buy again with another variant! Girls, if you haven't tried this I highly recommend you to have this in your kit! It's like less than P100 lang!

Hair Tie: Every girl's must have, for the bad-hair days.

Nichido Makeup Collection: Got this from Beauty Book few months ago after subscribing to their site. Perks! you know! Haha. This is an eyeshadow palette and comes with a blush too. This is actually my first Eye Shadow palette and I'm using this on doing the tutorials I watch on youtube! Sorry wasn't able to took a photo of the swatches! :P

Lastly, my Hello Kitty Facial Tissue. Bought this from Watson's for P19 or P18. Who can live without this? Hahaha. Now that explains it. :)))

Beauty Book Pouch from Beauty Book. Check them out they share tips and tutorials on makeup, fashion, skincare and more girl stuff! Again guys, please help me revamp my kit. I really, I wanna and I need to! Hahaha. Your suggestions would really be appreciated! Thank you! :)
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