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Last Friday I went out alone to meet up with an online seller for my orders. After meeting up with her, I took the chance to give Watson's a visit to see if I can find the right kind of nude lipstick I like. Well, I saw one at Nichido, actually two or three shades of nude but I ended up buying nothing from those swatches. Why? I can't decide! Darn!

One a lighter note fellas, I spotted some facial masks which I saw before on some of my fave beauty bloggers' posts. There are so many variants but I chose the Charcoal & Cypress Facial Mask because it claims to be "purifying and oil control". Oiliness is my enemy, ugh.

"Indulge in a sumptuous feast for your skin! This Beauty Buffet Mask's unique recipe is made up of Charcoal to deeply cleanse & purify pores, as well as Cypress Extract to help maintain oil balance & refine pores and Glycine to help retain moisture. After use skin appears more supple, tightened and refreshed. Natural botanical extracts - Algae, Aloe Vera and Cucumber also help to moisturize and nourish skin. Enjoy!"

Each mask contains 23 ml essence. Lovely packaging, isn't it? :)

It smells very nice - like charcoal hehe but there's other dominant scent that I like, the cypress perhaps? :) It's my first time to use a sheet mask and for a first-timer I find it easy to apply. I instantly felt the cooling sensation when I placed it on my face. Very relaxing, though I think the sheet mask is kinda big for my face that's why the sheet on my upper lip tends to slide down to my upper lip. But that's no biggie! 

For only 49 pesos, for me its so sulit! I will definitely buy more next time! Gaaaah! I'm honestly excited to try them all! :D Here are my post-mask face! Bare face, ladies no filter or what at all! I'm really happy with the result. My face is supple, looks so relaxed and it lightened!

The result! :)

 I made kwento to hubby when he got home tonight that I used the mask I bought nga and he said, "Kaya pala ang ganda ng mukha mo ngayon." See? Nung umaga pa 'ko ng face mask nyan ha? I think i'm obsessed with this already! I wanna use it everydayyyyyy!

Drop some comment loves! Bye! :)
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