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12:50:00 AM
Last Valentine's Day, Human Nature announced a photo-liking contest on Facebook. And guess who joined and won?! Hahaha! Me! :) I went in to their branch to claim my prize and boy, their place is so pretty! (insert heart emojis here)

Everything is arranged nicely into categories and sizes! There's no hassle on finding what you need because you can easily see it. :)

They even have salted eggs--with less salt!

And chocolate for the chocolate lovers! See that dark chocolate with siling labuyo? Sounds weird, but it intrigues me. Hehehe They also have oats and coffee that is all natural too.

I'm eyeing on these sunblocks! I need one for me and my daughter. Research says we should put on sunblock everyday--like as in kahit 'di ka magsu-swimming! Okay is it just me who discovered that just now?! Haha!

And of course for the make up junkies, who wouldn't want makeup that is 100% natural, right? These pieces will be next on my list. :)

Mirror shot slash ootd at their place :) I honestly felt at home on my first visit there! Their staff were really nice and not masusungit! :) And oops, I believe they offer free coffee too, I think one of the staff offered but I think I said no. I'm not really sure tho, I was filling up the membership form that time. Yes, part of my prize is a FREE Membership which entitles me to a 15% off discount every time I purchase Human Nature products. Cool!

Now here's my loot! 
MammoMe Natural Body Wash
Calming Massage Oil
Exfoliating Bar in Vanilla
(I also bought their Sunflower Beauty Oil)

My husband personally loves this massage oil. I used this last night to massage his back and he said it feels like the ones used on spas and its really calming daw!!! :) He felt so relaxed and de-stressed that he felt asleep after the massage!

23 miracles in one bottle. Yup. this is why I bought this Sunflower Beauty Oil which claims to do miracles on your skin. I started using it on my knees and pimple marks. I apply it every night so it lasts long on my skin. Hope it answers my problems on dark skin and pimple marks! :)

How about you guys? Have you heard about Human Nature before? Or are you already a user of their products? I'd love what you think of their products too. :) I'll leave their social media accounts below if you wanna learn more of their nature-loving products! 

Facebook (Human Nature Cainta) :

Download their magalogue too on IOS and Android! :)


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