2nd Loot from Sample Room

8:59:00 PM

It's been a while since I last availed samples from Sample Room. That's why I got so stoked when I saw that they restocked some samples.

These were what I got; Oracare Mouthwash in Merrymint, Calchews in Chocolate and Caramel flavor, Himalaya Purifying Facial Wash.

I got excited with my samples that I tried them right away! First this Himalaya Face Wash, it comes in a gel form so its easy to apply and spread on your face. Its mild on the skin too, although I didn't like its smell. So if you're like me who's sensitive to smell, I guess this product is not for you. I had  a breakout too after using this for several days, that's why I had to stop using it. I might give this to my mom instead.

"Vitamins in a candy."  Genius right?! I got interested on trying on this one because I don't like milk, which is a source of calcium. Milk smells stinky to me, and I get nauseous when I drink a glass of it. I'm a coffee kind of person, but I know I need calcium especially that I'm skinny. Calchews here is the answer! I don't need to drink it too, I just munch on it whenever I want--no need for water too! You asking about how it tastes? Delicious, baby! Tastes like branded sweets, yet with your daily dose calcium. If i'm not mistaken, each box of 7s is Php90.00, available at Mercury Drug Stores. I will definitely buy another after finishing my samples.

I shared the Oracare with my husband and he likes how mild it is on the mouth. It's true that brushing is not enough to kill the bacteria in our mouth, we need mouth wash too, and I guess I found my kind of mouth wash! It doesn't sting yet my mouth still feels refreshed. I highly recommend this product!

I'm really happy of my second loot from Sample Room, check them out to get yours too! What do you think of this post btw? Leave your comments below guys! :)
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