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I have always been fascinated about the cafes nowadays--from conceptualizing new recipes to the artsy interiors and so much more gimmicks that coffee lovers would not just enjoy their drink but will completely be comfortable and would leave them wanting to visit again soon!

But me living far from the metro is quite hard for me to visit most of them! Until I saw my high school classmate's post about this The Bang Cafe! I got excited and it got me wanting to visit the place soon!

The place is not too crowded even on Weekends, unlike other cafes that you will have to line up for a table. This is a big check for us because we can stay longer and just chill! They have another seat which lower and more "chill" vibes. It's occupied so I didn't get the chance to try it or take a photo of it.

S'mores Cake - Php79
I got my self a slice of S'mores, and Java Chip Frappe. S'mores is soooo yummy! I recommend you try this if ever you wanna visit the place.My favorite part was the burnt taste of the marshmallows on top. Oh, it's so heavenly!

My drink on the other hand is a dupe of Starbuck's Java Chip. Although Starbuck's is more concentrated. For my taste it's just right, I love my coffee light. :)

I was late on our date that's why I don't have untouched photos of my friends' foods lol! That pasta above is their Creamy Carbonara, if I'm not mistaken it's Php130(so affordable ,right?).

Java Chip Frappe - Php100

I had a bite of Grace's Lasagna and it's delicious as well! If my stomach had some space, I would love to have a plate of it. Haha! It's sauce is creamy and has a generous amount of meat.

Nachos - Php75

We were a bit disappointed with the nachos though, it looks cheesy but the sauce is actually tasteless and the beef is not roasted according to Grace. Hehe. I hope TBC would improve their nachos because we love nachos so much!

If I were to rate this place and their food from 1-5, it would be 4.5(.5 for the nachos!). I'd still recommend this to my friends. I'm gonna bring my family here soon, my husband loves pasta and i'm sure he'll love this place. It's far from traffic, it's not too crowded, and delicious yet affordable meals!  The Bang Cafe is at #2 Kadagalahan St., Taytay, Rizal. If you're coming from Ortigas Extension just take a jeepney going to Lumang Palengke. Nearest landmarks are Jollibee and Mang Inasal. To know more about TBC please see the link here.

My date! It's been years since we last seen each other. We talked so many stuff about each other, and you know, despite of the years that has passed, I can say that we've grown up but we still "click" when it comes to taste especially on food! I missed walking while holding hands with my girlfriends! To more cafe adventures with you girls! :)
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