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Hello! Did you think that I already abandoned this blog? I thought so, but there's this urge in me that tells me to write again. I guess you can never really stop something you love doing right? :) You may get tired or you may pause for awhile--but you'll still come back! #hugot :P

Another thing is, this post is quite "different" because this year, the adventurous side of me has come out! Lol But really, yes. I'm not getting any younger and I realized, 'pano pag tumanda na ko? Hindi ko na kaya pumunta sa ibang lugar, wala man lang ako experience sa mga ganon. And I said to myself, I don't wanna settle on that. Besides, Aya is already three and can be taken care of easily by my husband whenever I go out. So, I packed my bags and went up in the mountain! :) Together with the three of my friends, we planned for a hike at Mt. Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal. It's a 3-4 hour trek, just 1-2 hour drive from Manila, very accessible. 

We we're supposed to start at like, 6AM or 7AM but I arrive late at our meeting place(I set my alarm, but the volumes are muted!) so we started at 8AM instead. :P We met at Tikling and rode a jeepney going to Tanay, fare is Php45. I'm going to list the expenses later so you can get a more detailed information. Upon arriving at the Tanay Market. we registered at their Tourism Information, they can also give you registered tricycles that you can rent. Don't hire tricycles that will be approaching you on the way to terminal! They're not registered and you cannot guarantee your safety or of your belongings if ever you lost something. Your driver must also register at the tourism information. 

After a bumpy, pain-in-the-butt ride, you'll cross at this river where you have to pay for Php20 for pass fee. Few minutes later, you'll be arriving at Daraitan Brgy. Hall and you have to register, hire a local tour guide, have a short briefing and you can start your trek!

Prepare yourself for the assault

Prepare yourself for the assault--slippery rock, muddy steps and sharp rocks too. Bring lots of water, trail food like nuts, sweets for sugar to give you energy and of course, trash bag for you garbage. Let's practice the "leave no trace" rule, also avoid loud music. We heard other groups playing loud music and our guide Kuya Pido said it's not allowed as the inhabitants in there might be disturbed. It's okay to laugh or shout at times as it will make you feel better when tired but no loud music.
Halfway there!
Expect a lot of hikers on weekends. Go on a weekday pag gusto niyong mas masolo ang scenery. Actually masaya din na may mga kasabay because you get to make friends din, and you would even help others along the trail and vice versa. The only downside there is that you can't take so much photos because there are other people--lalo sa summit, people are lining up to take photos on the rocks there. :(

Yey! Finally!
The meandering river formation seen at the summit of Mt. Daraitan

It was a tiring activity but how can you complain when you're rewarded with this view? It's definitely worth it! And I'm not gonna stop this right here, ready to conquer more mountains, baby! :)

After an hour of rest, taking pictures and enjoying the wind and view up there, we decided to start our descend since we still have to visit another breath-taking view down there--the Tinipak River and Tinipak Cave!

MAJESTIC! Isn't it?

We paid Php20 for the environmental fee upon arriving in Tinipak River, registered and went down the bridges to explore the river and cave. 

Overwhelmed that I climbed that mountain! :)

So surreal that I only used to see this view on Instagram and now I get to see it in person and I even enjoyed its waters! We went spelunking first but I don't have photos inside because the stones are slippery and my battery went dead too! But you must try it! It's beautiful inside, it's wide and there's water in there where you can also swim. Bring your flashlights/headlamps too!

Tired feet
 It's around 4 or 5PM when we decided to head back to Brgy. Hall to tidy up and go home. I enjoyed this trip so much! To my friends, Sanverlyn, Ate Jean and Marian, thank you for the crazy company!!! To our guide, Kuya Pido(he's the head guide there! we're lucky) thank you for taking care of us and making our hike so much fun.

Watch my video of our trip here:

Here's our Itinerary and Expenses for you:

5:00 AM        - Took a Jeepney ride from Tikling (were supposed to leave at 4:00 but I was late. :P

7:00-8:00       - Travel from Tanay Proper to Brgy. Daraitan via Tricycle

8:00 -8:15     - Arrival at Brgy. Daraitan, Registration, Short orientation and start trek

10:40-11:40  - Arrival at Summit and picture taking
11:40 PM      - Descend
2:30 PM        - Arrival at Tinipak River
2:30-4:30     - Explored Tinipak Cave and Tinipak River
4:30 PM       - Left Tinipak, walked going back to Brgy. Hall (you can take a tricycle too)
5:00 PM       - Arrival at Brgy. Hall, Tidy Up
7:00 PM       - Left Daraitan via Jeepney (We had a nice talk with Kuya Pido our tour guide that's why
 it took us a little time to leave).
8:00 PM       - Arrival at Tanay Proper
8:00-9:00     - Dinner at Mang Inasal Tanay
9:00-11:00   - Left Tanay going home


Tikling to Tanay jeepney fare                - Php45
Tricycle to Daraitan                               - Php500 per trip(there were 4 of us so, Php125 each)
Environmental fee at Brgy. Daraitan     - Php20 each
Tour Guide                                             - Php500 max. of 10 people(divided by 4 so, Php125 each)
Registration Fee at Tinipak                    - Php20 each
Environmental Fee at the Tinipak River - Php5 each
Jeepney to Tanay Proper                         - Php100 each
Souvenirs                                                - Php50
Tanay to Manila                                      -Php50

Total: Php550

CONTACT PERSON: WILFREDO (WILLY) or KUYA PIDO as the locals call him 0906-351-6818. We we're lucky enough to have him as our guide! He's also part of a local tribe there because he speaks their language sometimes, hahaha! Oh, and also please call him instead of texting because he may not have load every time.

There you go! I hope this will help you if you're planning to go there!
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