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As a saying goes, "Travel is never a matter of money but of courage." You don't have to ride a plane either to enjoy the view from above, you can CLIMB above to enjoy scenic views of clouds and mountains! This is my perspective in travelling. So if you're like me, who hates spending too much in travelling, stick around pal, I've got so much to share!

Mt. Pamitinan in Montalban, Rizal was our destination on a Friday morning(March 18, 2016). Packed with courage in our hearts and excitement of what's waiting for us at the summit, we set foot on this 426+ MASL mountain. The trek started at around 7AM, we then reached the first summit at 9AM. I guess we could have reached it a little earlier if we were not taking so much photos! :P We we're really enjoying the hike.

At the summit 1 - Hapunang Banoi atthe background

You will have to pass big sharp rocks so be sure to wear gloves, pants to avoid scratches, and better if you wear shoes rather than sandals to perfectly cover your feet. And oh, wear sunblock too, its an open area you'll be exposed to the sun most of the time!

We reached the next summit at around 10AM. Look at the fulfillment on our faces! I don't mind getting baked in the sun, I'm totally enjoying the moment with my friends.
Standing 426 feet above these houses and buildings I felt so achieved! :)

We have to go rock rappelling to reach the final summit, and from here you'll have a 360 degree view of the Sierra Madre mountains and the province of Rizal. Yes! That's where your 350 pesos can take you! 
Mt. Binacayan from the summit

We decided to head back down to have lunch and take a dip at Wawa Dam.You'll pass along these big ass stones, there's even this one stone that looks like been stepped by a giant foot. You know, the story about Bernardo Carpio, the Giant who has been believed to have separated the two mountains (Pamitinan and Binacayan). The tale says, that might be his foot. Cool right? :)

Lafang! :D

Enjoyed the water massage at the Wawa Dam. This is the best side trip after a tiring hike. We left the Dam at 3PM for a shower at Ronstown Drive. This is the place for hikers after a long day of adventure; there's shower, a swimming pool, boodle fight, videoke and even body massage at reasonable prices! When in Sitio Wawa, you don't wanna miss this! Hehe Go check their facebook page here.


This is our guide, Kuya Orly, he stuck with us throughout  the trip even after the hike--even we were just chilling at Ronstown after the long day. He patiently waited for us even when I said he can leave us and take a rest. He even waited until we get to ride a tricycle back to bayan! Unfortunately tho, we didn't had the chance to get his number because our original contact tour guide was Kuya Allan but he wasn't available that day so he referred us to Kuya Orly. Kuya Orly was so funny he doesn't run out of punch lines! And he even gave us trivias about Mt. Pamitinan, so you don't just get to enjoy the hike but you'll also learn history! If you want to hire him as your guide, maybe you can mention his name upon arriving at their Tourism Office. :) This is just another memorable getaway with my crazy friends!

Watch our video here:

Here's our Itinerary and Expenses for your preference.


5:30 AM         -        Assemble at Mcdo across Sta. Lucia East Grandmall
6:00 AM         -        Took a jeep to Montalban
7:00 AM         -         Arrival at Sitio Wawa (Register, Pay for Hiking Fee, Prepare for Trek)
7:20 AM         -         Start Trek
10:00 AM       -         Reached one of the Summit (the one with a big stone)
11:00 AM       -         Reached the last Summit via Rock Rappelling
11:20 AM       -         Started Descend to Wawa Dam
1:30 PM         -         Late lunch at Wawa Dam
3-4:00 PM      -        Shower, Tidy Up, Ate and Chilled at Ronstown Drive
5:00 PM         -        Travel back to Manila


From MCDO to Montalban         -         Php 28.00
Tricycle to Sitio Wawa                  -         Php 60.00 per trip (4 persons) Php15.00 each
Hiking/Registration Fee               -          Ph 50.00 each
Tour Guide Fee                             -          Php 500.00 max. 10 persons / 6 of us Php150 ea (w/ tip)
Kubo Rent at Wawa Dam            -          Php 150.00 / 6 = Php 25.00 each
Shower Fee @Ronstown              -          Php 25.00
Tricycle to Bayan                         -           Php 20.00 three of us nung pauwi na sa tricycle
Jeep to Sta. Lucia East                -           Php 30.00

Total:                                                          Php 343.00

Extra Tip: Bring your own food and drinks/water. 

Hope this post helps! :)

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