Summer 2016

7:36:00 PM

There's never a day that I never complained how freaking hot it is ever since summer has started. I bet you guys feel the same too! We're all itching to dip in the sea, or into the pool. This year, my family decided to have our annual outing in Batangas.

We randomly searched for affordable places to stay since there are too many of us and we found Laiya Mangrove Beach Resort which seems to offer a reasonable price. We got a room with 1 double deck and 2 big beds which I think is good for 15 people or so. Its fully air-conditioned and has sink and restroom with shower too. Also comes with a free cottage in beach front where you could hangout during the day while swimming. All of that for only Php 7,000! :) Forgive me because I didn't get the chance to take a photo of our room. The room was always crowded with either people or our stuff so I couldn't get the right timing to take a pic, besides we're all excited to put our things down and head to the beach.

Laiya offers a fine, grayish to white sand and a clear to sea green waters which makes it a popular destination. Good thing that we went on a weekday that's why it's not too crowded. We had the resorts to ourselves during that night!

We longed so much for this much needed trip that's we all had sun burns! But you know, for me there's no regrets specially now that I'm more inclined to travel and adventure! :)

A line of numerous resorts to choose from at the background. You know, its not just Mangrove Resort there; there's also Llamar which is just beside Mangrove and there's I think three or four neighboring resorts but others are a little expensive.

On our second day, we opted to go Island Hopping which costs Php150 per pax. Hubby was supposed to go but Aya cried so he had to pass. :P This is another first time, another tick off on my bucket list! They took photos at the big rocks, I took videos instead. We swam at its crystal clear waters and took off to go fish feeding and snorkeling. We failed to go snorkeling because we didn't have gears so we just swam and feed the little fishes there. :)

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