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Hello guys! This is yet another post about our beloved mountains! :) On a call time at 2AM, me and my travel buddies met at Mcdonalds near Marcos Hi-way together with four new friends who are first-timers. I am so stoked because we get to invite new buddies, whom we can share the enjoyment of reaching the summit and share laughter with. 

We had the earliest call time because we want to witness the "sea of clouds". We started our trek even before the sun rises. It's still dark we have to use flashlights. To some it might be a little creepy walking at the trail in the dark, good thing I'm used to the dark! :P Perks of growing up in the province I think. 

We reached the Mahiyaing Bato at around 5:30AM. Our guide said it's called Mahiyaing Bato because it's the only rock formation in the area. He says it's too shy to join the other rock formations. :) Funny heh?

We weren't able to take nice shots here because another group has arrived minutes after us and the guide kept on reminding us to hurry because there's another group who's waiting and that we should hurry to the viewing area of the sea of clouds. I was getting irritated and wanted to say something, thank goodness I still managed to keep my calm. I mean we're just minutes apart so they will probably catch us. We have climbed two mountains before and on that experiences, when other group would catch us they would wait for us to finish or vice versa(of course, we also consider them and not last too long). We even experienced waiting for like an hour in Daraitan summit just to take pictures at the rock formations. It's not everyday that we could climb a mountain so might as well savor the moment, right? I don't know why our guide was such in a hurry. (sighs) But then again we were just visitors in the place so you still have to respect them. That's why I just wiped it off and enjoyed the hike. :)

It's not our lucky day because there were no sea of clouds at the Duhatan Ridge. Despite of being so early, we only saw a thin group of clouds from  afar. Maybe because of the weather, I don't really know when or what kind of weather to base it. 

We continued our trek and reached  Mapatag Plateau at 6:30AM. Going there, it's so windy. The fresh air is just so nice when it would touch your cheeks, or when it would blow your hair. That's why I call this the breezy hike, its the strong yet calming wind that made me love this mountain.

Susong Dalaga Peak has a shape like that of a woman's breast from afar, hence the name. When I thought the wind was strong at Mapatag Plateau, it was super duper windy when you're here. I felt like the wind's gonna blow me away! Joke lang! :P There are rocks there where you could take pictures at. You can also get a 360% view of nearby provinces like Laguna, Rizal and Quezon.

Rangyas Peak

Going to Rangyas Peak is optional and has another registration fee(Php20) at the Tourism Office. You have to go rock climbing to reach the summit. This one is less higher than in Mt. Pamitinan but no less dangerous--there's no rope so you must depend on your hands. One wrong step and you'll go way down the cliff. Always, always listen to your guide--that's the key! :)

We finished the ascent at 7:30AM (so early!) I don't have a lot of pictures at the summit because I focused on taking videos, which you can watch here: 

There's a store just before Mapatag Plateau if I remember the location right, where you can buy drinks and snacks--and of course this refreshing, yummy halo-halo! 

Planning on hiking at Mt. Batolusong? Here's our itinerary for you:

0200 Meet up in Mcdo/Ride jeep going to Cogeo Gate 2
0300 Arrival at Cogeo, Take jeep to Batangasan
0345 Arrival at Batangasan, take habal-habal to Batolusong Jump off point
0400 Arrival at jump off point, register and have breakfast
0420 Start Trek
0600 ETA Duhatan Ridge
0630 ETA Mapatag Plateau
0700 ETA Susong Dalaga Peak
0730 ETA Rangyas Peak
0800 Start Descent
1000 Lunch at Sangab Cave/Swimming
1200 Tidy Up
1300 Go back to Batangasan wait for Cogeo Jeepney
1500 Back to Sta. Lucia East

Jeep to Cogeo Php14 (x2=28)
Jeep to Batangasan Php42 (x2=84)
Habal Habal ride Php30 per pax (x2=60)
Registration fee Php40
Guide Fee Php500 good for 5, we we're 8 and required to get 2 guides(500/4=125)
Halo halo Php25
Shower Fee Php20
Total: Php382

There you go guys! Happy hiking and don't forget to practice the LNT Principle. :)
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